About John Waggoner

I’ve been a writer and columnist for USA TODAY for 25 years. Thanks to a buyout offer from USA TODAY, I’m now writing elsewhere. You can find all my investing columns from USA TODAY here.

One of the purposes of this blog will be to point people to those works as they’re posted. Another will be to simply write about personal finance. I hope you enjoy it.

Comments? Story ideas? You can contact me at johnmwaggoner@gmail.com or on Twitter: @johnwaggoner.


4 thoughts on “About John Waggoner

  1. John,

    I have been reading your columns in USA Today for as long as you have been writing them. I’ve always said to myself that I would email you some day and tell you that you are hands down the finest and most interesting writer in the financial press, which I read endlessly. I love your humor, wit and your ability to simplify complex financial instruments and issues. I always got a chuckle along with the great advice.

    Your creativity in the articles is outstanding. You have a gift not many share. I’ve laughed out loud in my old van many, many times, enjoying your wild imagination.

    I like to think that we are kindred souls, since I teach creativity in advertising at the University of Idaho..

    Thank you for your exceptional writing all these years! Job well done.

    Mark Secrist
    Advertising Professor
    and almost retired….not enjoying the current correction….


    • Where are you? i have all these yellowed clippings . . . every now and then one emerges from a pile . . . but i need new material! no one compares . . . (it’s the wit, really, that i love . . . )


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